Hebrews 12; SPEAKS from Heaven

25 No one ever SPAKE like this man. Jn 7:45.

Refused Him that SPAKE on earth.

Spiritually, Jn 3:12.

Personally, Jn 4.

Authoritatively, Mat 7:29.

Kingly way, Mark 1:14.

Eternally, Jn 6:68.

SPEAKS from Heaven. Jesus. 1Cor 14:37.

  Service to Him 28.

  Promises 2Pet 1:4.

  Excel 1Thess 4.

  Apostasy Jude.

  Knowledge (wisdom from above) Jas 3:17.

  Salvation Heb 5:9.

Click here for an outline of the book of Hebrews.

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