2Peter chpt 1; WITNESS

Peter’s credibility as a WITNESS.

There are no witnesses today.

Majesty Witnessed on the Mountain. 16-18.

How does Peter qualify as a WITNESS.

Peter, as the other Apostles…

We Saw, Held. 16; 1John 1:1; 4:14.

The Apostles were promised the Holy Spirit…

Inspired because. John 16:13; Acts 1:8.

The Apostles saw and touched Him after the resurrection…

Touched Him. John 20:27. 1Jo 1:1.

We can tell they saw because of their boldness in the face of danger…

No Fear. Act 4:13.

Paul would later see the Risen Lord…

Eyewitness of Paul. Act 26:13.

They were given Signs to confirm the message was from God.

Signs. Acts 2:22; Heb 2:1-4

We can also tell they saw Jesus because they suffered to death…

Suffering. 2Peter 1:14; Act 4:20.

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