Bible answers

This page is dedicated to aid you when speaking with folks about God’s plan of salvation, and His commandments. It’s also here to help the person that is seeking the truth about God’s word on their own. Save the link to this page and refer to it in your evangelism efforts.


Do you have a question and would like a scriptural answer? Send us your questions through our contact page. Additional questions will be answered in future posts.

  1. What about the Thief on the the cross? – When challenged by baptism.
  2. Once saved always saved? / Can a Christian lose salvation? The Lord had departed them.
  3. What about salvation by Faith only? By grace alone, by faith alone, in Christ alone? And Here
  4. Is a Christian supposed to tithe?
  5. What does the Bible say about Divorce?
  6. Can I be saved without baptism? Is Baptism essential to salvation?
  7. What happens after death? I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.
  8. Is Demon Possession possible today? and Here.
  9. Why don’t churches of Christ use instruments in their worship?
    1. An Article on this subject from church history.
    2. When church is boring.
    3. Why do we need instrumental music?