Below is a list of all the articles written with links to them.

  1. Is God Speaking to you separate from the written word? There are 4 problems with this?
  2. Shocking truth what Bible says about Salvation by Faith alone
  3. 4 duties toward Government
  4. How Liberalism wins.
  5. Salvation by Faith ALONE?
  6. I ain’t afraid of no Ghosts
  7. A Sower Went Out to Sow
  8. 3 step method for Overcoming Discouragement
  9. 4 Easy ways to improve your Bible reading
  10. Do you remember? We’re told to remember some things.
  11. Did you think to pray?
  13. We Ought to pray – without ceasing
  14. Is Demon Possession Possible today? pt2
  15. Is Demon Possession Possible today? – The truth should comfort you.
  16. I Love Facebook. I Hate Facebook. – My Love Hate Relationship
  17. Guardrails for our Faith – Is the Bible a Fence or a Guardrail
  18. Traffic Signs & Authority – What if we obeyed traffic signs like most do with the Bible.
  19. A mother’s Love – Mary, the mother of Jesus
  20. What if we could end sin? – Would it mean anything?
  21. What if We’re Wrong? – we’re still saved.
  22. Justified by Faith – Not by faith only
  23. WRITTEN FOR OUR LEARNING – Why study the Old Testament?
  24. THEY WERE ALL WRONG – He hurt their feelings?
  25. TOO MUCH FUN – is there such a thing?
  26. Is God telling YOU what to do? – If so, how so?
  27. How do you know? – are you walking in Truth?
  28. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes – David Bowie has died, what other changes?
  29. Judge not, for God loves me – Let’s rightly divide the word
  30. You got a minute? – Bible reading program
  31. How to keep all your New Year Resolutions – Be S.M.A.R.T.
  32. God’s plan for you – New Years Planning
  33. The Force Awakens – anticipation
  34. San Bernardino & The Problem of Evil – Christians response to the question of Evil
  35. Forgiveness – To be thankful, forgive
  36. When Church is Boring – How do we change it?
  37. No Absolute Truth? – Strange things people say.
  38. Are you Noble? – How do you test bible Teachers?
  39. Let your conscience be your guide? – How about Saul?
  40. Are we A Strong Congregation? – What makes for a strong local church?
  41. If I met the Pope – A fictional exchange between a Gospel preacher and the Pope
  42. 6 things you can do for YOU today – You need to help you
  43. 5 things you can do for the church todayYou are important
  44. Whatever happened to sin?
  45. Where does bible say ask Jesus into your heart? – Can you find it?
  46. Do we need AUTHORITY? – Are you certain you have permission?
  47. Gay Marriage & the Christian – How to respond to the Supreme Court Ruling
  50. What about the thief on the cross? – How would you answer?
  51. Ferguson, Deflategate & Johnny Depp – A growing problem
  52. Better than the Golden Rule – Do unto others?
  53. Unconditional Love? – What does in mean?
  54. How to start a church – If no church existed in your area, how would you start one?
  55. 5 ways to overcoming Sin – How does one stop sinning?
  56. What doth hinder you? What’s keeping you from God’s grace?
  57. 6 Spiritual Questions – What will your answer be?
  58. Why I chose the Church of Christ – Why did you choose your church?
  59. When did Jesus’ church begin? – Do you know?
  60. Making Preachers Rich – Moses E. Lard
  61. The Bible talks about the internet – A story of Cyber bullying
  62. Under the Influence – The Christian and Alcohol
  63. A church worth investigating. – Is there only One church?
  64. 7 things Jesus said that made me work harder
  65. drifting along. – A story of drifting on the ice
  66. Why is there evil in the world? –  You can use reason.
  67. God has 3 No’s – What did God say No to?
  68. by grace alone, by faith alone, in Christ alone? – What is the Roman Road?
  69. 8 things that happen when you read the Bible – Read your Bible.
  70. Touching Jesus – Many wanted to touch Jesus, how about you?
  71. “we need to talk” – What to do when someone wants to talk to you about sin.
  72. 7 steps for a better faith – How do we increase our Faith?
  73. What church do you go to? Does church membership matter?
  74. Influencing Lot What’s influencing us?
  75. The Faith Formula – How do we increase our faith?
  76. What Does it Matter?- Do we have to take the Bible literally?
  77. How to goof up relationships in easy 1 step– The title says it all
  78. 10 keys to a balanced life– Work – Play – Family – Church – a Biblical perspective
  79. Why do we need instrumental music?- What does the Bible say?
  80. I’m unworthy to serve– How can you serve if you’re life is a mess?
  81. God Wants Unity Too– What does God say about unity?
  82. Don’t worry be Happy– Reasons to be Happy
  83. To whom will we compare God?- Isaiah 40 has very comforting words.
  84. The faith of Abraham– He Rose Early
  85. 4 step formula for success – from 1Thess 4:12
  86. unconventional evangelism– We should always preach the Gospel, and if necessary, use words.
  87. 6 thoughts every christian must think – From Phillipians
  88. True wealth – Where do we find our treasure?
  89. Christians should be nice – Is there any doubt about this?
  90. IYADWYADYAGWYAG – If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.

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