You got a minute?

One man asked another, “What are you doing?”

The man replied, “I’m sawing this tree down.”

The first asked, “Isn’t that hard work?”

“Oh, yes,” replied the sawyer, wiping his brow.

“Then why don’t you stop long enough to sharpen your saw?”

“Can’t,” retorted the sawyer. “Don’t have the time!”

THERE ARE A TON of things that take up our time. You’re a busy person, I am too. Kid activities, work, personal care, errands and the list goes on and on. With all of these things demanding your attention, do you ever have time for yourself? As an employee once said to me, “I could get something done if it weren’t for all the customers.”


You all know that I’m an advocate for keeping yourselves busy with the activities of helping others. However, sometimes, you have to help yourselves. You need to prepare yourself for service. You need to sharpen the saw. As the Boy Scouts teach, “Be Prepared.”

One way to prepare yourself for service is by studying God’s word on a regular basis. The Apostle Paul taught Timothy, “give attendance to reading,” [1Timothy 4:13]. He also taught, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God,” [2Timothy 2:15]. And lest we forget, our Savior warned, “Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures,” [Matthew 22:29].

At the beginning of this New Year, as we resolve to improve ourselves, I encourage you to include a plan to read your bibles. Private study of God’s word is a way to “sharpen the saw.”

This year, rather than the typical Bible reading programs where you feel you have to take on large chunks of scripture, let’s take a timed approach.


Do you have just 10 minutes every day? I’m sure all of us can squeak out just 10 minutes. It doesn’t seem like much, but over a year, that 10 minutes adds up to 3,650 minutes! If you have more time, great, but let’s see what can be accomplished in just 10 minutes every day.

Reading at pulpit pace, aloud, not too quickly, it only takes 960 minutes to read the entire New Testament. This means that you can read the NT nearly 4 times this year alone!!!

It only takes 3,360 minutes to read the entire Old Testament, which means it only takes one year to read the OT in one year taking just 10 minutes a day.

If you read for 10 minutes in the morning, or over lunch, and 10 minutes at night before bed, one could read the entire Bible this year, and the New Testament would have been read 4 times!! As NT Christians, what a wonderfully easy way to learn God’s word.

Adults in the US will spend an average of 5 hours, 31 minutes watching videos each day this year, according to new figures from eMarketer. For all of those spreadsheet people, here is a breakdown of how long it takes  to read aloud each book of the Bible. I think we all can find 10 minutes today.


Books – # of chapters – Reading Time

1. Genesis- 50           3hrs. 46min.

2. Exodus- 40           2hrs. 40min.

3. Leviticus- 27         2hrs. 16min.

4. Numbers- 36         2hrs. 55min.

5. Deut.- 34              2hrs. 32min.

6. Joshua- 24            01hr. 50min.

7. Judges- 21            01hr. 37min.

8. Ruth- 04               0hrs. 12min.

9. I Samuel- 31         2hrs. 00min.

10. II Samuel- 24      01hr. 59min.

11. I Kings- 22          2hrs. 13min.

12. II Kings- 25         2hrs. 13min.

13. I Chronicles- 29   2hrs. 18min.

14. II Chronicles- 36 2hrs. 20min.

15. Ezra- 10              0hrs. 40min.

16. Nehemiah-13       01hr. 04min.

17. Esther- 10           0hrs. 30min.

18. Job- 42               01hr. 33min.

19. Psalms- 150         4hrs. 02min.

20. Proverbs- 31        01hr. 30min.

21. Eccles.- 12          0hrs. 31min.

22. Song Sol- 08       0hrs. 16min.

23. Isaiah- 66            3hrs. 37min.

24. Jeremiah- 52        3hrs. 54min.

25. Lamentations- 05 0hrs. 18min.

26. Ezekiel- 48          3hrs. 24min.

27. Daniel- 12           1hr. 08min.

28. Hosea- 14           0hrs. 30min.

29. Joel- 03               0hrs. 10min.

30. Amos- 09            0hrs. 23min.

31. Obadiah- 01        0hrs. 02min.

32. Jonah- 04            0hrs. 07min.

33. Micah- 07           0hrs. 15min.

34. Nahum- 03          0hrs. 07min.

35. Habakkuk- 03      0hrs. 09min.

36. Zephaniah-03      0hrs. 09min.

37. Haggai- 02- 0hrs. 06min.

38. Zechariah- 14- 0hrs. 33min.

39. Malachi- 04- 0hrs. 08min.

Total Old Testament 55hrs. 57min.



Books – # of chapters – Reading Time

1. Matthew- 28          1hr. 56min.

2. Mark- 16              1hr. 16min.

3. Luke- 24               2hrs. 18min.

4. John- 21               01hr. 44min.

5. Acts- 28                2hrs. 10min.

6. Romans- 16           0hrs. 47min.

7. I Corinthians- 16    0hrs. 41min.

8. II Corinthians-13   0hrs. 35min.

9. Galatians- 06         0hrs. 20min.

10. Ephesians- 06      0hrs. 17min.

11. Philippians-04     0hrs. 10min.

12. Colossians-04      0hrs. 10min.

13. I Thessalonians-   05 -0hrs. 09min.

14. II Thessalonians  03- 0hrs. 06min.

15. I Timothy- 06-     0hrs. 14min.

16. II Timothy-04-     0hrs. 11min.

17. Titus- 03- 0hrs.    06min.

18. Philemon- 01-      0hrs. 01min.

19. Hebrews- 13       0hrs. 45min.

20. James- 05           0hrs. 13min.

21. I Peter- 05           0hrs. 17min.

22. II Peter- 03          0hrs. 10min.

23. I John- 05           0hrs. 11min.

24. II John- 01          0hrs. 01min.

25. III John- 01         0hrs. 01min.

26. Jude- 01              0hrs. 04min.

27. Revelation-22      01hr. 03min.


Total New Testament 15hrs. 56min.

Total reading time:

almost 72 hours



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