Hebrews ch12 The ENDURING Kingdom


ENDURE. Heb 12.

  1. ENDURANCE of Jesus on the cross for us. 1-2
    1. A RACE.
  2. NOT YET RESISTED to bloodshed. 3-4
    1. BOXING metaphor
    1. Martyrdom like Stephen, or Paul, or James.
    1. See 1Cor 9:24-27
  3. DISCIPLINE as sons. 5-11
    1. Father training a Son.
      1. Love, Perfect (non erring) Father, for highest good.
    1. Training. See James 1:2-4
    1. Love not punitive
    1. HOW
  4. UNHOLY unrighteous Esau. 12-17
  5. REGISTERED in Heaven. 18-24
  6. No ESCAPE if we refuse. 25-29

Overview of Hebrews.

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